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الرئيسية » The Courses offered by the Center

The Courses offered by the Center

The courses offered by the center:

  1. first aid
  2. Intensive care
  3. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation
  4. Reception and emergency
  5. Pediatric and Premature Emergency
  6. Burn Care
  7. Obstetrics and Gynecology Emergency
  8. operations
  9. Developing of laparoscopic nursing skills
  10. Pediatric Intensive Care
  11. Hemodialysis
  12. communication skills
  13. quality in nursing
  14. fighting the infection
  15. time management
  16. Registration and documentation
  17. Methods of problem solving and decision making
  18. Fundamentals of management in nursing
  19. Use of computers in nursing fields
  20. Reproductive Health
  21. Read medical tests
  22. Statistical analysis of data in the health field
  23. How to create questionnaires
  24. Family mental health and coping problems
  25. Safe healthy food
  26. Modern skills in health awareness and education
  27. Training of trainers in healthcare
  28. Marketing of health services
  29. School Health
  30. New Nurses (Comprehensive Program)
  31. Nursing Profession Standards (NARS )

The Continuing Nursing Training Center is able to present any proposed program in the center’s field of work for implementation that was not mentioned in the list of programs mentioned above