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Unit Objectives

Objectives of the Student Assessment and Examination Systems Development Unit:

  •  Developing and raising the skills of faculty members and supporting staff
  •  At the college (through organizing panel discussion, workshops and training courses that that take care of students’ assessment and exams)
  •  Developing and upgrading the skills of the faculty’s administrative apparatus (through organizing panel discussions, workshops and training courses that take care of students’ assessment and exams, communication skills)
  •  Urging students to behave well in relation to student assessment work, to avoid misconduct in its various forms and to encourage the application of assessment methods that promote active and effective learning.  
  •  Following-up the performance through questionnaires revealing student trends, conducting feedback and analysing student outcomes trends.
  •  Completing and reviewing question banks with the center and motivating the departments to make question banks for the rest of the college courses.
  •  Preparing periodic reports on what has been accomplished