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الرئيسية » Description of Assistant Professor

Description of Assistant Professor

Position: Assistant Professor

Duties and Responsibilities:

1- Contributing in practical and field training for students.

2- Participation in management tasks imposed by the department’s need.

3- Active participation in studies, researches, courses, seminars and specialized conferences

4- Participation in tasks inside and outside the department such as monitoring  of degrees (for the year’s work)

5- The assistant professor makes a research plan approved by the relevant department council for the work of the doctoral thesis.

6- He must pass the educational courses and workshops prepared by the college or university

7- Participation in the department’s weekly scientific day and preparation of seminars, presentation and scientific decisions.

8- Participation in the annual conference of the college.

9- Adhere to the work program prepared by the concerned department head with tasks assigned to him in his field work.

10- Any work assigned to him by the department’s head or the dean of the college in his field of work.