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الرئيسية » Duties of teaching Members

Duties of teaching Members

Duties of teaching Members:

  • Being honest and ethical.
  • Compliance with regulations and instructions.
  • Follow up on the latest developments in his field.
  • Maintaining the regulations inside halls and labs.
  • Providing a report on each incident to department’s head that would disturb the regulation.
  • Enriching the love knowledge, science and scientific thinking.
  • Actively participate in the work of department council.
  • Actively participate in the activity of department, faculty and university.
  • Diligence in transmitting the latest finding of science.
  • Refrain from anything that violates his honor.
  • Contributing through a scientific activity to develop his specialization.


– All faculty members who assume teaching responsibilities are expected to be of an appropriate and effective level in accordance their scientific degrees and experiences, and to contribute to the overall effectiveness of the study programs they implement.

– All faculty members are expected to work to provide an educational environment those facilities and enhances student learning, as well as to develop curriculum plans for distances, and design lessons very carefully, and coordinate teaching and assignments processes with others, so that students feel the integration of the academic program. The practice of pedagogy in the classroom must be mirror that reflects best professional and the use of appropriate technologies to enhance the teaching and learning process.

All faculty members who hold the degree of assistant professor, associate professor or professor are expected to continuously prepare academic excellence programs with their jobs and field of specialization. All faculty members are expected to contribute to achieve university message in regard to their scientific degrees, experiences and specializations, which include internal and external services. The faculty member provides external services by harnessing his knowledge and skills to serve the various parties that deal with university, while the internal services include guiding students, in addition to various other activities related to the management of university’s business.