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The Library of the College

The Faculty of Nursing Library provides several sources of knowledge:

1- Collectibles of Egyptian university libraries.

2- Masters and PhD theses for Egyptian researchers.

3- Theses are under study in Egyptian universities.

4- Researches of faculty members in Egyptian universities.

5- Scientific journals issued by Egyptian universities.

As well as the electronic search feature such as

1- Electronic collectibles owned by Egyptian universities.

2- Archival broadcast of electronic lectures.

3- Communicate with major international libraries to find out the latest books.

4- Communicate with major international databases shared by the supreme council of universities to learn about the latest scientific research worldwide, in addition to viewing more than 25,000 periodicals and downloading the full text of them.

How to get to the library

The library’s Facebook page

The concept of intellectual property rights

The college’s commitment to protecting intellectual property rights and publishing

Procedures for preserving intellectual property rights